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Andrauis aka Dre has an Exercise Science Degree from Columbus State and also studied for 3 years at Ashland University as an athlete and played football for the University for two years.  Andrauis is a personal trainer certified through ACE.  Andrauis has spent his whole life participating in sports and fitness.

Andrauis began strength training at age 12 and has been learning ever since!  He excelled at basketball, football, track and field, and even boxing, but was most passionate about basketball!  Andrauis includes his strength and conditioning knowledge from his sports into his training style.

He values working with all different types of clients but has a special place in his heart for working with the younger population.  He is determined to make a difference by teaching our youth!

Andrauis specializes and takes pride in teaching correct form and technique.  He believes that proper form is the key to optimizing the quality and results of your workout.  His optimism and ebullient personality make working out with Andrauis a joy to anyone he meets.  Andrauis believes that if his client is not having fun that he isn’t doing his job correctly.  He truly creates a fun and educational environment for his clients.  Working with Andrauis, you are bound to achieve all your goals!

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Areas of Expertise:

  • Athletic Strength

  • Fat Loss

  • Motivational Cardio


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