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Zach is a recent graduate of Capital University, finishing top ten in the business school with a degree in Financial Economics.  It goes without saying that Zach is a hard worker, and he seeks to instill this work ethic as a foundation for the training he teaches. He is of the school of thought of ‘no shortcuts’ and as you get to know Zach, you will see he takes none. Zach holds multiple state powerlifting records.


Zach has trained tirelessly for the last six years, competing in both disciplines of Bodybuilding and Powerlifting. Zach loves working with people and preparing them to embrace a better version of themselves. He believes in bettering individuals’ lives through helping to create healthy lifestyles and physiques! Zach is currently taking on new clients at Chiseled Gym Columbus.


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Areas of Expertise:

  • Mens Physique Contest Prep & Athletic Training

  • Fat Loss

  • Functional Movements


    Strength Training