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Charity is a ACE Certified Personal Trainer, a competitive Gymnastics Coach, a stretch practitioner and she has been personal training individuals for 4 years. She has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a minor in Nutrition from Ohio State. Charity did gymnastics for 11 years so she has been into fitness since she was a young kid. She has trained young children all the way up to older adults. She is very passionate about helping others look and feel their best. Her main goal is to teach people the fundamentals of exercise and how to make it a part of their lives. She focuses on motivating and making clients feel confident in themselves so that they can achieve all of their fitness goals. She incorporates some or all these into her client’s training sessions depending on their overall goals: HIIT Work Outs, Strength Training, Cardiovascular Training, Calisthenics and Balance/Flexibility. When Charity is not working she enjoys working out, dancing, spending time with friends and family, watching/going to the movies and doing anything adventurous that gets her adrenaline going.


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Areas of Expertise:

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  • Fat Loss


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