3 Amazing Jogging Routes in The Short North

Running is one of my true passions. I love to help others deepen their experience and awareness while improving their health through running. Ask me anything running on any given day and we can embark on an adventure through recanting tales of trail running, road marathons, or running principles I know through living them daily.

For now lets keep to the point. When planning a local run I pre-plan using mapping on the internet or just plug into one of the many fitness apps and tote my phone along for the run. A water resistant case is imperative as I always plan to sweat!

From Chiseled, as the beginning point, I will talk about three routes:

Firstly, there is an easy 2 miler. This is appropriate if A. you are a beginner, or B. you need a recovery or easy run. Just head west on fifth avenue for 1 mile where you will arrive at the Olentangey River Trail as it bisects 5th Avenue. This is the turn around or 1 mile mark. Once you arrive back at the gym, you have spent 15 to 20 minutes getting healthier and thinner. No brainer, right?

The second route includes the 1st, but instead of turning around at the 1 mile mark, turn north at the Olentangy trail and run along passing the King Ave. bridge, past the Drake Union. You will see Lincoln and Morrill Towers and the OSU Stadium. Once past Woody Hayes and Lane Ave bridges there is a large tree about 70 yards up on the right. You can turn around and cruise back to the gym with a quick and scenic 5 miler under your belt!

Finally for the more serious runner there is the Grandview Heights HS track, where you can get some speed workouts done whether its 400’s, 800’s or 2 mile workouts. The 2.4 mile or 2.8 mile (if you take King Avenue) route there and back is the perfect warm-up and cool-down distance for the more advanced runner. It is approximately a 20 minute distance to the track each way.

I hope to see you out getting that heart healthier. Get inspired. Happy trails and remember to always run with a purpose.

-Juan Vicente – Owner Chiseled Gym Columbus